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  • Client reviews

    I injured by back in 2012 and I eventually needed an operation. I’d changed law firms to Murray at Hoffmans and I’ve been very happy he dealt with the difficulty caused by the insurance company and settled my case for a good amount.

    I would highly recommend Murray. - Claire.

    Workers compensation
    Settled 2015

  • Client reviews

    Murray provided such honest and excellent advice throughout the legal process for my workers compensation claim.

    I felt very reassured that he was personally looking out for me and my family's best interest at all times. We were very pleased with the resulting settlement.

    I would highly recommend his professional services to anyone who needs legal assistance. - Regards Dragan

    2015 - Workers compensation - neck injury

  • Client reviews

    When you need legal help fighting the combined resources of a large employer (1500+ employees), the employer’s insurance company and their lawyers, then you need a results driven experienced solicitor called Murray Posa.

    He is meticulous, tenacious and gets the job done. - Campbell

    Workers compensation - mining - lower back - Settled

Not being paid your comp or not sure if an offer is fair? Can you trust the insurance company to do the right thing? No, you can’t – but an experienced lawyer can get things on track.

Why Hoffmans:

  • Workers compensation is our speciality. Before starting law our Principal, Murray, worked for 8 years at various mine-sites and at other labouring jobs. He understands the problems that come with a workers compensation claim and is committed to protecting your rights. You need to avoid the usual mistakes that are so easily made by an inexperienced lawyer or injured worker.
  • Read some of the Client Reviews. We’re experienced and successful.
  • Avoid the 7 usual mistakes that are made.
  • Remember we work on a “No Win No Fee” basis.
  • Most of our work comes from personal referrals from former clients.
  • We don’t rely on TV advertising to get our work. We’re not a high cost and high volume firm that will push you through a system.
  • We’re a WA firm and we’ve been in business for over 30 years so we’re very experienced.
  • With Hoffmans you’ll deal with an experienced lawyer and not someone who is learning on the job.
  • Call me for a free chat before you commit to another lawyer. It pays to compare.
  • I will explain your position as clearly as possible without legal jargon.
  • Think about this, if you can’t understand your lawyer then he/she might not know what they’re talking about.
  • We can do hospital and home visits.
  • I can see you before or after office hours or on weekends.
  • I can help you no matter where you are located, from Joondalup to Mandurah, Fremantle to the hills and all country locations.
  • I can run most of your claim mainly over the phone rather than the inconvenience of visits.
  • If there is no lump sum then there is no charge. We limit our fees to a reasonable level.  
  • I will be able to negotiate a higher lump sum for you than you will be able to. It is my job to do that and that has always been my experience.

You should not commit to any other law firm until you’ve had the chance to talk to me for a free, no obligation chat over the phone. This area is my speciality.
  • Do you want to know what lump sum you could get for your compo claim? 
  • When the case can be settled?
  • Is the insurance company trying to force you to settle?  
  • Is it too early to settle?  
  • Are they not paying your compo, not paying for treatment or trying to force you back to work?

Legal Fees

Call me for a no obligation and free chat.
Hoffmans has helped thousands of injured workers get their proper workers compensation. I’ll look after you and your case on a “No Win No Fee” basis.
I believe in being upfront about fees. I want you to know where you stand.
No fees are payable unless I’m able to negotiate a lump sum payout. Check some of the client reviews as to how reasonable we are.

Termination Date – What is it?

There are some very important time limits that an insurance company won’t tell you much about. The “Termination Date” expires usually 12 months after you have made a claim. You should talk to Hoffmans as soon as you can so that the proper steps can be taken to protect your legal rights and get you assessed.

Will my compo stop because I have a lawyer?

I’ve never had a situation ever when weekly comp payments have stopped after I have been appointed as a lawyer. In fact it is much harder for an insurance company to stop weekly payments once Hoffmans is involved. Hoffmans knows what your rights are and the steps to take to counter any attempt to stop payments.

Is my injury covered?

All types of injuries are covered by the workers compensation system – including neck or back injuries, broken legs or arms, knee or ankle injuries, shoulder injuries, foot or hand injuries, head injuries, depression. Have you got such an injury? Then call me.

When is the best time to appoint a lawyer?

There are limitation periods with workers compensation claims and common law cases. It is always best to have a lawyer involved early so that time limits aren’t missed and for a proper record of medical treatments to be kept. There are many sorry stories of people who did not appoint lawyers and then missed on their lump sum for common law damages.  
Insurance companies are very good at making you think you don’t need a lawyer. Why? Because they want you kept in the dark and vulnerable.

If I have had a previous injury and it’s again effected can I claim?

Yes you can. This can be tricky and you’ll need a lawyer to help you.

Should I resign if I’m on comp?

No – you should never resign. You might think it’s easier but it makes the whole process much harder.

What happens if the insurance company refuses to pay for my treatment?

That again depends on the situation. Normally if a doctor recommends reasonable treatment then the insurance company can be forced to pay for that treatment.

Can I choose to see my own doctor?

Certainly you have a right to be treated by your usual general practitioner and a specialist of your choice.

When am I covered for worker’s compensation?

You are covered for a disability that arises out of or in the course of your employment as specified by the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

What is vocational rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is a specific service that may assist in helping you stay in, or return to, suitable work. Examples of when a referral for vocational rehabilitation may assist your return to work:
• If your injury, or resulting disability, prevents you carrying out your pre-injury duties;
• If your injury is a recurrence or aggravation of a previous injury, or if there is a concern that carrying out pre-injury duties may aggravate an existing injury; and
• If modifications are required in the workplace, or aids and equipment required to help you return to work.

Can I choose my own vocational rehabilitation provider?

Yes you can - you have the right to choose which rehabilitation provider you wish to use. I will be able to help you with that selection.
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