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  • Client reviews

    I would happily recommend Hoffmans to deal with any works compensation claim. They were able to deal with the insurer to get me a great result. - Michael.

    Settled August 2015

  • Client reviews

    I can confidently recommend Hoffmans and in particular Murray to handle any workers compensation claim.

    He took the stress out of the claim and was able to keep the insurance company under control.

    He is always available, honest and explains things in a way I could understand – Milorad

    Settled October 2015 - shoulder injury

  • Client reviews

    I injured by back in 2012 and I eventually needed an operation. I’d changed law firms to Murray at Hoffmans and I’ve been very happy he dealt with the difficulty caused by the insurance company and settled my case for a good amount.

    I would highly recommend Murray. - Claire.

    Workers compensation - Settled 2015 - lower back

When it comes to solving your legal problems, we understand that you may have some questions. Hoffmans Lawyers strives to be your ‘go-to’ firm of personal injury lawyers in Perth and are the team you can always trust to be honest about your specific legal matters. Whether you need advice on legal fees or want to know if you need to speak to a dedicated lawyer about a compensation claim, all you have to do is ask us.

We’ve shared our frequently asked questions below, but if you do not find what you are looking for on this page, our personal injury lawyers are only one phone call away.

Do I need a lawyer?

I have never had a situation or case where I’ve not been able to negotiate a higher award or lump sum than the injured person.
If you’ve lost any time off work, injured your neck, back, arm, legs or been to Hospital then you’ll need to talk to a lawyer. 

Will my compo stop because I have a lawyer?

I've never had a situation ever when weekly payments of compensation have ceased after I have been appointed as a lawyer. In fact it is much harder for an insurance company to stop weekly payments once Hoffmans is involved. Hoffmans knows what your rights are and the steps to take to counter any attempt to stop payments when a worker is unfit.

When is the best time to appoint a lawyer?

There are limitation periods with car accidents, workers compensation claims and common law cases. It is always best to have a lawyer involved early so that limitation periods aren’t missed and for a proper record of medical treatments to be kept. There are many sorry stories of people who did not appoint lawyers and then missed on their lump sum for damages. Insurance companies are very good at making you think you don’t need a lawyer. Why? Because they want you vulnerable.

What is a Termination Date in a workers compensation matter?

A Termination Date occurs 12 months after a claim has been made. It is most important that a lawyer is appointed about 6 months before that so that the Termination Date can be dealt with properly either by getting an extension or having an assessment done. You need to see an approved medical specialist at least 5 or 6 weeks before the Termination Date.

Will the Legal fees chew up my damages?

No, definitely not. I make a commitment that it won’t.

I will never charge fees so that it’s not economic to have a lawyer involved. Most fees will be paid by the insurance companies and anything extra will be limited to a maximum 10% of whatever lump sum is negotiated for you.

If I have had a previous injury and it’s again effected can I claim?

Yes you can. This can be tricky and you’ll need a lawyer to help you.

Should I resign if I’m on comp?

No – you should never resign. You might think it’s easier but it makes the whole process much harder.

Will I have a claim if I was not wearing a seat-belt?

Yes, you will still have the right to claim compensation even though you did not wear a seatbelt.

Will I have a claim if an accident occurred at an intersection?

Whether you have a claim or not depends on the circumstances of the accident. You will need to speak to a lawyer to ascertain whether both drivers were partly to blame. They usually are.

What happens if the insurance company refuses to pay for my treatment?

That again depends on the situation. Normally if a doctor recommends reasonable treatment then the insurance company can be forced to pay for that treatment.

Do many matters go to trial?

Very few matters in fact go to trial with nearly everything being settled. I make every effort to make sure that your case will be settled without the need to proceed to a trial.

Can I see my own usual doctor after I get hurt?

If you’ve been hurt at work or in a car accident you should definitely go to your own doctor rather than some doctor recommended by your employer or insurance company.
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