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  • Testimonials

    I can highly recommend Murray Posa from Hoffmans. He acted on my behalf for over 3 and half years, working at a very high standard. I was told about Murray from a friend of mine, who took me to meet him.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Murray Posa, in the future to any one in need of a top solicitor. With thanks - Jane

    Settled October 2015 - Motor Cycle Accident - lower leg amputation

  • Testimonials

    I live in Geraldton.

    The Insurance Commission first offered me $50K and then went to $60k.

    I went to Hoffmans and they got the further surgery I needed to relieve my pain and then negotiated a settlement over double for me.

    - Jayden

    Settled March 2016 – Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Testimonials

    I want to thank you for how you dealt with my claim, I was recommended to you by a friends and I’m pleased I was.

    You did a great job in sorting out the insurance company & having my claim accepted by them.

    They forced us to Workcover and they were sorry that they did. Many thanks for the two years of your time.

    Thanks again – Stephen

    Workers compensation – Settled

If you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse or an assault then Hoffmans can help you claim the proper and fair compensation you deserve. Our team is here to deal with the paperwork and to gather the evidence you need to make your claim.
We take the burden off you during a stressful time by helping you file your application and, if need be, guide you through the hearing process. Call 08 9444 4900.

Can victims of crime be compensated for their injuries?


The Government of Western Australia has made provision for victims of crime to be compensated for injuries sustained on or after 1 January 1986 under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 1985 and has appointed an independent Assessor to administer this Act.

Am I eligible for compensation?

You can claim compensation whether or not a person has been identified, charged, or convicted of the crime. You are eligible for compensation if:

• You are the victim of an offence and are injured as a result.
• You are a close relative of a person killed as a result of an offence.

If I have to attend a hearing, what will happen?

Most hearings are held in the offices of the Assessor and are conducted in private and as informally as possible. However, they may also be held in country centres. You may take family or friends for support or be represented by a solicitor or someone else you wish to speak for you.

Will my privacy be protected?

Your application is kept confidential and hearings are conducted in private. However, copies fo decisions made by the Assessor are available to the news media. In special cases, the Assessor can order that names of people are awarded compensation are not made public. In awards involving sexual offences, this is always done.

When should I make my application?

You have 3 years from the date of the offence to lodge an application. Your application should be made when you have reached the maximum stage of recovery from your injuries. If your claim is more than three years old, you may still apply, but you will need to seek an extension of time and gives reasons for the delay.

Will my offender be present at my hearing?

It is unlikely that the person who committed the offence in which you were injured will be present at the hearing. If the offender is required to attend the hearing, you will be notified of this in advance.

Is my behaviour relevant?


An award may be reduced, or refused, if the Assessor considers your behaviour contributed to your injury.

How much can I claim?

The amount you receive will depend on the extent of your injuries and the losses you have suffered. The maximum award is $75,000.

Can I be compensated for injuries prior to 1 January 1986?

You may be able to make an application. Please contact the Assessor’s Office for more information.

How will my application be dealt with?

In the majority of cases, applications are dealt with by the Assessor from the information provided by you. Only in some cases, you will have to attend a hearing.

Will the offender have to pay?


The crown can take action to recover the money from the offender. You will not be involved in these proceedings.

Do I need a solicitor?

You can make your own application, or have a solicitor assist you. If you engage a solicitor, the Assessor cannot allow the costs.

Can victims of crime be compensated for their injuries?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act is designed to provide compensation if you suffer bodily harm, mental or nervous shock, or pregnancy, resulting from an offence.

Compensation is available for:

• Pain and suffering
• Loss of enjoyment of life
• Loss of income
• Medical expenses you have paid
• Other incidental expenses e.g. travel and loss of clothing
In cases of death, a close relative can apply for funeral expenses and loss of support.

What types of claim will NOT be accepted?

In some circumstances, you may not be eligible for compensation.

These include cases where you:

• Have not reported the incident in which you suffered your injuries to the police within reasonable time. (unless you can show that the delay was justified).
• Failed to help police in their enquiries regarding the arrest or prosecution of an accused person.
• Have claimed for injuries, expenses and losses that can be recovered from another source, e.g. Injuries covered by third party compensation, medical expenses that can be recovered from medicare, lost income that can be recovered under the workers compensation act.

Can I be paid compensation in advance?


The assessor has no power to award advance compensation payments.

Can I appeal against a decision?

If you disagree with the assessor’s decision, you can lodge an appeal in the District Court. You must lodge your appeal within 21 days of notification of the Assessor’s decision.

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I have been very happy with the service provided. The insurance company wouldn’t accept my treatment claim and it was a hard fight but Murray eventually won the case for me.

My neck was severely damaged and it’s great to get it finalised. - John 

Workers compensation settled 

A big thank you to Hoffmans and Murray Posa for your help.

I highly recommend you guys to anyone and if needed will use you in the future, Thank you. - Corey

Workers compensation - shoulder injury
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